Back to School Germs & Health Tips

New teacher, new friends, new knowledge – the beginning of a new school year is full of possibilities, including back to school germs. Read these back to school health tips to keep your kids healthy this school year.  

1. Get vaccinated

Public schools require certain vaccinations at each grade level, and most will not allow children to attend school without verification that they have received these. Make sure your children are up to date on vaccinations and that everyone in the family has gotten the flu shot – back to school germs start at home before they’re passed throughout school.

2. Schedule a checkup

Scheduling a checkup with your family pediatrician will help ensure that your child is healthy before heading back to class.

3. Wash hands

One of the most common ways that kids get sick is by touching their face with their hands and passing the germs around through a chain of transmission from one child to another. Encourage your kids to wash their hands frequently, especially after using such shared class items as the pencil sharpener or computer. If possible, teachers should make hand washing easy by having hand soap readily available. The Lysol® No-Touch Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is great for a classroom full of kids with sticky fingers.

4. Teach your kids germ etiquette

Teach your kids to cover their mouth when they cough and to sneeze into their elbow or a tissue. Kids should throw the tissue away after using it. Remind them to wash their hands using antibacterial hand soap.

5. Stay healthy

A balanced diet and enough sleep do wonders for a child’s immune system. Pack healthy lunches and snacks. Make it easy for your children to fall asleep on school nights and encourage a quiet activity, like reading, the last hour before bed.

Back to school germs don’t have to follow your children home. Follow these back to school health tips and keep your children happy and healthy this school year.

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